Beach Tennis, we always talk about it and yet it seems that it is never enough, every day with you and with the best experts of this sport we want to deepen this topic as much as possible. This experimental project was born, from the enthusiasm of so many people like us who love Beach Tennis, proposing a magazine that wants to create a meeting point with news, information and comments that everyone can access.

We are two ‘Beachtennisti’, Simone and Maurizio, two great fans of the game, the first one entered this world a few years but immediately infected, the second practically in the field forever. We are not journalists and we do not pretend to be, we just want to write a little ‘Beach Tennis in a clear and transparent, in a way that we believe has never been done before, with the aim to involve all fans of this game, to make it grow and give it the space and relevance that we believe deserves.