How to Use Immersion Blender to get Most of that

To help you out with the everyday kitchen tasks, the one thing that you need most is a blender. Now there are many kinds of blenders in the market today but the most convenient and affordable varieties are the immersion blenders. These are small stick like devices with a blending shaft attached to the motor unit which can be immersed in any container for blending the contents within. What makes them so popular is their compact size which finds place easily in even the smallest kitchens, their simple cleanup and their versatility of use. However if you are new to these blending appliances, you should know more about them to be able to get the most advantage out of them. Here are some kitchen tips which will help you get more out of your immersion blenders.

1.     Read the instruction manual:

The most important task that you need to do before starting to use any tool for the first time is to read the instruction manual thoroughly. The instruction manual will tell you more about how to use it and what your device can and cannot do. Reading the manual will allow you to use it to the maximum of its capacity.

2.     Avoid using them for tough tasks:

One thing you need to be careful about is not to use these devices for the toughest blending tasks which include ice, thicker consistencies, hard fruits and vegetables or frozen ingredients. Leave these tasks to the countertop blenders which have stronger motors which can withstand such tasks. Immersion blenders generally come with motors which are not s strong but good enough for performing tasks like beating eggs, whipping cream, making milkshakes and purees.

3.     Use container with high walls:

Choose a container which has high walls to blend the ingredients so that the food does not splatter. This will avoid a lot of mess created from food splattering which will have to be cleaned later. Another thing that you need to make sure to avoid food splattering is that the blades of the blender should be completely immersed into the liquid while blending.

4.     Fix a lumpy gravy:

Your immersion blender is the best tool by which you can fix your lumpy gravy. Many a times we are faced with the problem of lumpy gravy. If you have an immersion blender, all you have to is immerse it right in the pot and blend the gravy into a smooth texture. Problem fixed! 10 Best immersion blender reviews 2019 (Updated) is the top source for purchasing online.

5.     Keep moving it inside the container:

An immersion blender will produce best and fast blending results if you keep it moving inside the container using your hands. For even better results, you should keep it in a tilted position while moving it inside the container.

6.     Blending hot soups:

The most popular use of an immersion blender is in blending hot soups. You can blend hot ingredients right in the pot to make soup out of them. These blenders make it so easy to make soups that you will be making it every other day.

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