Different Massage Chair Techniques and How does those Works

After a long day of work, probably the most comforting thing you will find is a relaxing massage. Most people do not find the will to visit a spa on their way back to get a massage done. Instead, wouldn’t it be so much easier if you have your own personal massage therapist always waiting for you when you come back home. You can think of a massage chair as your personal massage therapist which is a big initial investment but after that you can get your massage as frequently as you want and for as long as you want without charging you anything. The first massage chair was developed in 1948 by Ronald A. Labbe. Although it did not look or feel as comfortable as the latest models, it has an important reputation in the history of massage chairs. The massage chairs gradually developed in their design and became more and more comfortable and effective with the passing years.

How does Massage Chair works?

The machinery inside the massage chair copies the movements of a masseuse’s hand. The basic massage chair simply vibrate to produce a relaxing feeling while the more advanced versions use tools like rollers, heating elements and air bags to work simultaneously or individually to produce therapeutic benefits. The rollers copy the action of a masseuse’s fingers by moving vertically and rotating to relax your muscles and relieve pain. The task of the air bags is to contract and expand, squeezing the muscles with them to release stress and improve blood flow. Some massage chairs even use water therapy to release tension. The best of the massage chairs are those which make use of all of these tools together or separately to give the user the most relaxing time ever.

Massage techniques:

A massage chair uses different massage techniques to copy the actions of masseuse. Most of these techniques make use of the rollers which are included inside the chair. Here are some of the most popular massage techniques which are included in the design of the chair:


Kneading makes use of the rollers rotating in a circular motion squeezing the muscles while doing so. It is a great stress and pain relieving technique which most masseuse use on their clients.


The rollers move vertically along the length of your spine relieving the pressure on your spine and reducing stress. Some massage chairs also include horizontal movements for their rollers to further improve the massage.


Specialized tools are installed inside the massage chair to pull on your arms and legs so that you get the feeling as if you are being gripped and squeezed.


To create a ‘karate chop’ scenario, the rollers move in and out alternately tapping on your muscles while doing so.


To copy the traditional Shiatsu technique, these rollers press particular pressure points on your body to take away the pain and stress that you might be experiencing.

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