Comparison between Centrifugal and Cold Press Juicer Machine

Juices are great source of energy as they contain nutrients, minerals and enzymes. Nowadays people prefer to prepare fresh juice at home so that they can be fully satisfied that their juice is hygenic and one hundred percent pure. There are two commonly used juicers; a cold press juicer and a centrifugal juicer. Today we will compare both of them.

The cold press juicer provides with the purest juice because it uses hydraulic press to extract juice from the fruit or vegetable. There process is based on two functions, first they shred the fruit and vegetable on a moderate speed to extract the juice than that mixture is furthermore extracted with the help of hydraulic press to ensure that all the juice is been extracted. Then the residue is thrown on the separate box that can be cleaned later. As their residue is mostly dry, it is can also be use for composting.

While on the other hand, centrifuge juicer uses a high spinning blade that extrates the juice from the blender, since the spinning of a blade at a high speed will cause a lot of heat. This heat will destroy many enzymes, causing the purity of juice to decrease. These juicers are not even able to extract all the juice from the fruit or vegetable, you can easily figure that out by touching their residue, it’s very moist.

That is the reason why juices from cold press juicers are richer in consistency and in taste. You can even store them for approximately two weeks depending on the acidity of the fruit.

Cold press juicers are perfect for the juices of green vegetables, they will extract every last bit from the green vegetable. You can even make nutty milks for example cashew nut and almonds milk. They are very beneficial for health. Buying these miles from the supermarket is very expensive, so it is better to prepare one hundred percent fresh and pure at home.

If you care for the cleansing of your body and skin, than drinking a cold pressed juice is the right choice. They will help you detoxify your body. Nowadays everybody has such a tight schedule that most of the time we end up eating unhealthy food. Cold pressed juices of the vegetables and fruits are the best option to cope up with our diet.

The centrifugal juicers make a lot of noise during the process while on the other hand, cold press juicer produces very less noise, and you can even watch television while making juice. If you don’t want to make your kitchen a fish market than you should buy a cold press juicers here.

Cold press juicers are expensive than the centrifugal one, but if you want one hundred percent pure juice everyday than you should buy one. They will surely help you to fulfil your need and will take a good care of your health.

These were the differences between the cold press juicer and a centrifugal one. It is totally up to you what you buy, but if you can afford the price than you should try cold press juicer.

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