Baby Food Recipes Using nothing but only Baby Food Processor

Homemade baby food is a convenient, fresh, and cheaper alternative to all those expensive baby food out there in the market. Best of all, they are free from preservatives and you exactly know what you are giving to your baby. It could also be a mashed or pureed version of what is regularly being cooked at home so that the baby gets used to the routine meals being served at home. Discussed below are some healthy recipes for making baby food at home:

Baby Food Puree

For making baby food puree, begin by cooking the vegetable or fruit. Carrot, spinach, potato, sweet potato, yam, parsnip, lettuce, and turnip are some of the vegetables that experts believe to be best for babies. Similarly, apple, apricot, peach, and pear are amongst the best fruits that could be pureed. It is best to steam the specific vegetable or fruit as it locks all the nutrients that get lost during the process of boiling. Nevertheless, you can either steam, boil, bake, or microwave the vegetable or fruit. Next, blend the cooked vegetable or fruit in baby food processor until you achieve the desired consistency.  Vegetables that have a strong taste like parsnip, broccoli, and carrot can be combined with milk and baby rice for giving a more mild taste and creamy texture.

Oatmeal or Barley Cereal

You can also make homemade cereal for your baby. Ground barley or oats in a baby food processor or blender and then cook with water for ten minutes while constantly stiring. You can also mix breast milk, milk, or some fruit if you want. Serve the cereal when it is warm.

Rice and Lentil Porridge

A wholesome meal for a bit older baby is the rice and lentil porridge. Cook rice and lentil in equal quantities in water until the lentil is fully cooked. You can also add vegetables, meat or poultry to the mixture while cooking to enhance the richness of the food. Once all the ingredients are properly cooked, blend the mixture in a baby food processor or blender.

Healthy Vegetable Soup

Cook vegetables and water in a pressure cooker until the vegetables become soft. Blend the vegetables in a baby food processor for a thick soup or mash the mixture and filter through a sieve for a thin clear soup. You can combine lentil with vegetables for an elder baby so that the soup is more nutritious and rich.

Mashed Vegetables or Fruits

For babies who are at the later stages of weaning, you can give them mashed vegetables or fruits. The process of cooking is similar to that of making purees except that for mashed food you do not use liquid for blending it. Instead, the dry vegetable or fruit is processed in the fruit processor until the required consistency is achieved. Mashed vegetables or fruits are for babies who can chew.

Above were some recipes for making baby food; best way to make baby food provides more insight into the optimal ways of making baby food.

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